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Most recent update: 4/11/2018.  Looking for the new canon demo? Head over here!

In the world of Xal, renowned business leader Lady Xuna Xaovant has selected six potential candidates to inherit her family legacy- yourself included, of course. However, she isn't a entrepreneurial juggernaut for nothing. When it comes to choosing an heiress to her life's work, all she sees are numbers. You'll be expected to outshine your five competitors in wit, intelligence, and wisdom as you all struggle to lay claim to a harem that would leave you financially secure for life.

Not everything is fun and games as personalities and ambitions clash. The men are socially and lawfully bound to be dutiful to the woman of the house and only the most profitable and long-standing woman may inherit Xuna's harem, fortune, and legacy.

This visual novel takes place in the universe of Xal, but keeps its story and dialogue grounded with a realistic edge that helps the player better connect with the characters in their alien world. It's up to the player to decide Xjena's personality: will she risk her shot at a fortune to form a stronger bond with her fellow ladies? Will she do whatever it takes to climb up the economic and political ladder? Can she balance the nature of the brothel's business with a desire to help the men, or will they merely be pawns to continue that climb? Every little choice adds up, and even the smallest decision can change the course of an important conversation dramatically.

Demo Features:

+ Estimated to Have 10k+ words/6k lines of code
+ Animated Backgrounds
+ Adjustable volume sliders
+ Partial Voice Acting (Around 5 minutes worth)
+ Subtitles for Voiced Scenes
+ 3 main endings plus 13 character endings and numerous  variations, depending on your interactions
+ View Unlocked Endings and Costumes for the full game!
+ Moved from Tyranobuilder to Ren'Py

Ending Guides and project updates will be available on Tumblr in the next few days. If you want to see behind-the-scenes content and support the game, check out our Patreon!


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WoX Kickstarter Demo Ver. 1.81 (PC) 415 MB
WoX Kickstarter Demo Ver. 1.81 (Mac) 398 MB

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